Helpful Information

For Agents

If you are a new agent looking to register or wish to reset your existing password please email or call 800-856-1233 during office hours.

Impact Finance is an independent finance company that can finance all insurance policies that accept premium financing. Even if an alternative finance agreement is offered by an MGA you can always use Impact Finance. Forward us your insurance quote or other finance agreement and we will send it back within minutes. Email your quote to or call us 800-856-1233.

Once we are provided a policy number, we fund every Friday. If you need it funded quicker, just call us and we can take care of it immediately.

You may make payments on our website, by fax, email, phone, mail, auto pay. Call us if you need any help.

No premiums are too low to finance for Impact Finance. We treat the smallest premiums financed with as much importance as the largest premium financed.

For Insureds

You will need your account number and your current monthly payment. Example if your account number is 123456-7 and your monthly payment is $97.62 Enter your account number with or without the dash 1234567 and your password is 97.62

You may make payments on our website, by fax, email, phone, mail, autopay. Call us if you need any help.

Once Impact has sent a cancellation notice to the insurance company and we receive a payment to get your account current Impact Finance will always request reinstatement for you. However, only the insurance company can reinstate your policy, each insurance company has different underwriting guidelines. Please contact your agent directly to find out if your policy was reinstated.

The cancellation return premium from the insurance company may not have paid the outstanding balance due on your account with Impact. Your loan with Impact Finance remains in force until it is paid in full. The letter you received informs you of the balance still due.

The down payment paid to your agent typically includes fully earned policy fees and minimum earned premiums that are retained by the insurance company which will lower the cancellation return premium. When calculating the cancellation return premium, the insurance company will withhold any fully earned fees and minimum earned premiums.

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